Snakebite has been regarded as “Neglected Tropical Disease” by WHO, which mainly affects the poor farmers who work in the agricultural fields and daily wage earners who are exposed to snakes. In the recent study, it was estimated that approximately 4,21,000 snake bite cases occur around the world. In India approximately 40-50 thousand people die due to snakebite. This alarming mortality calls for need of some concrete actions to be taken by policy makers, doctors and researchers in this area.

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SNAKSYMP is an annual event organized by members of Toxinology Society of India (TSI). This event is the congregation of scientists, students, clinicians and antivenom manufacturers from India and abroad to deliberate on recent advances in snake venom research and snakebite management.

SNAKSYMP 2017 will be hosted by Centre for Cellular and Molecular biology (CCMB), Hyderabad.

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SNAKSYMP 2016 was hosted by Tezpur University in November last year.